Introducing “Smart Window Sunny Five” for natural light

Who can deny the importance of vitamin D for bones according to the details and that is why nature has reserved this blessing for us in abundance in sunlight but to get it you have to go out during the day time. Yes, but now you can get vitamin D through mobile.

In this regard, Samsung has introduced “Smart Window Sunny Five” for natural light. Sunny Five not only provides natural light but also adds vitamin D to our body in a very short time without sunburn.
According to the report, the brightness, temperature and angle of light can also be adjusted at will through the app.

Sunny Five can be installed in any part of the house so you can get vitamin D using natural light whenever you want in the morning, evening or at any time of the night.

Neither the company nor C-Labs has provided further details on the artificial light windows, including pricing or availability dates, while the new invention is expected to hit the market soon.

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