19 minutes before the crash, the pilot made an unsuccessful emergency landing attempt

The pilot of a PIA plane that crashed in Karachi tried to make an emergency landing at Karachi Airport 19 minutes before the crash but took off due to lack of emergency landing arrangements.

According to airport sources, the pilot tried to open the wheels of the plane while making approach for landing from Lahore to Karachi but failed but the pilot informed the air traffic control about the situation.

According to sources, the pilot kept trying to open the wheels while reaching the runway. At 2:20 pm, the plane reached the exact runway, but due to lack of proper emergency landing arrangements, the captain flew the plane back.

As soon as the flight took off again, the pilot turned the plane in the opposite direction for a detour and tried to approach again for landing via Shah Faisal Colony, Malir and National Highway.

According to sources, the captain pumped the system as a last resort to open the wheels of the ship, then the wheels of the ship opened but by that time one of the engines of the ship had failed.

The pilot also alerted the air traffic control about this second emergency and tried to take the plane to the airport with all possible skills but during this time the second engine of the plane failed and the plane suffered a terrible accident.

According to another source, at 2:20 pm, the pilot touched the runway for emergency landing without opening the wheels of the aircraft and without any emergency arrangements as directed by the control tower.

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